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Caterpillars - 3-4 years

Our Caterpillar classroom has 14 children with 2 teachers.  This classroom may have children transition up from our Teddy Bear classroom a short time before their 3rd birthday.

The program follows Creative Curriculum for Preschool, a program based on learning through play in different interest areas including social, cognitive, and physical development as well as in literacy, mathematics, social studies, science, and the arts.   Our Caterpillar classroom is immersed in these interest areas by having several centers to play and learn in, including blocks, toys, discovery, sensory, computers, dramatic play, library, games, toys, art, and writing. 

Our Caterpillar classroom works hard on becoming academically and socially ready for the school years ahead.  The children are allowed plenty of free play and choice time to learn through play and learn how to interact with each other.  The children in this classroom have a very structured day, to start working on routines.  They have daily jobs including meteorologist, line leader, calendar helper, exercise helper, among others.  This gives the children a sense of belonging in their classroom.  The Caterpillars have two short circle times each morning as well as an art and small group time daily.  Small group is incredibly important in allowing the children to learn from their peers in a smaller setting.  The teachers in this classroom work with the children on gross motor and fine motor skills, name recognization as well as writing names, identifying some letters and numbers, and how to interact with others in an appropriate way.  We strive to make sure the children are pushed further, but also making sure it is developmentally age appropriate.  Teachers will provide a safe and fun enviroment for your child to grow and develop.

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