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Little Lambs - 6 Weeks to 2 Years

Our Little Lambs classoom has up to 8 children with 2 teachers.  Children are separated in the classroom by "cuddlers" and "movers"!  

Teachers on the younger "cuddlers" side work on making sure your children are safe, loved, and well taken care of.  Cuddling and holding them, talking to them, playing together or individually are ways to let them know they are in a safe, trusting, and nurturing environment.  The children are stimulated in many ways including playing on the floor with hanging toys, peek-a-boo, singing, and books.  The teachers also help encourage different growth developmental stages in infants, including tummy time, supported sitting, and crawling. Each child has their own crib to sleep in, on their own schedule.  The "cuddlers" are fed on demand depending on parents choice and preference.  Children are changed every two hours, or when needed.  Rest assured that your children are happy, healthy, and well taken care of while playing with friends in our "cuddlers" classroom. 

Teachers on our older "movers" side start working on the transition from baby to toddlerhood.  The children will start learning to feed themselves, first with fingerfoods and bottles then transition to our toddler size table to sit and eat with plates, spoons, and sippy cups.  The children will also work on transitioning from cribs to cots and working on a more "scheduled" routine.  This routine includes two nap times per day then moving to one nap per day to get ready to transition to our Teddy Bear room.  They will also start working on a routine for the day including set snack and meal times as well as circle time.  The children enjoy singing, dancing, reading books, playing with toys, and working on fun sensory and craft activities together.  The children enjoy free play as well as outside play when the weather permits.  The "movers" are given lots of hugs and cuddles too!  

All parents in this room are given a daily note stating when the children have slept, ate, and were changed.  The teachers will also let you know what they have done throughout the day, what mood they have been in, and if there are any items they will need soon on the daily note.  

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