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Teddy Bears - 2-3 years

Our Teddy Bears classroom has 10 to 12 children with 2 teachers.  This classroom may have children transition up from our Little Lambs room a short time before their 2nd birthday.

Welcome to our Teddy Bear room!  The children in this room are busy, busy, busy!  The teachers in this classroom have a lot of patience and make sure the children are socially and emotionally able to play with their friends.  They work on making sure the children can share with friends and take turns as well as communication skills and manners,  including please and thank you.  The children try to listen to their friends' words and use their own words to say what they want or need.  Potty training and the transition from diapers to underwear is an important part of the Teddy Bear Classroom.  Teachers work with the children on becoming academically ready for our Caterpillar classroom by having a set daily schedule.  This schedule includes a short circle time where the children enjoy singing songs, reading books, and dancing.  The schedule also includes an art or sensory activity daily and plenty of time to have fun and learn through play.  The children also work on recognizing basic shapes and colors through the year.  This classroom is all about having fun in a safe and nurturing environment.

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